About Us


Environmental Odour Consulting (E.O.C.)

Environmental Odour Consulting (E.O.C.) is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in odour assessment, odour testing and ambient odour monitoring. Backed by over 27 years of experience, E.O.C is a leading authority in air emissions and provides exceptional expertise for clients in industrial, agricultural and private sectors.

Whether for compliance, conservation or academic objectives, E.O.C has been helping clients solve their odour issues quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We offer full odour assessments for wastewater treatment plants, compost/landfill facilities, refineries, agricultural, industrial and private sectors.

With two state-of-the-art laboratories for dynamic olfactometry analysis, including a brand new mobile olfactometer offering some of the fastest and accurate analysis, E.O.C has been the number one choice for government contracts and expert witness testimony throughout Canada, the USA and Europe. It also has organized two world-renowned odour conferences across Europe.

Our team is dedicated to our clients and carefully tailors each assessment program for their client’s unique needs.