Anna H. Bokowa

M.Sc. | Conference Organizer & Chair
Anna Bokowa

Anna H. Bokowa

M.Sc. | Conference Organizer & Chair
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CEO and founder of the Environmental Odour Consulting Corporation a firm specialized in odour assessment, odour testing and odour analysis using dynamic olfactometry.
Ms. Bokowa is an internationally recognized odour expert with over 26 years of experience in odour assessment and control, project planning, management of large scale projects for odour assessments, odour testing and evaluation, ambient odour monitoring, community odour surveys, dispersion modelling, project management, business management.
She is regularly called upon to serve as an expert witness in civil trials. She also trains professionals through workshops at international conferences. A key player in the development of emission standards for odourous contaminants within Canada.

She has written over 35 technical papers for international conferences. Additionally, she developed methods for community odour surveys and ambient odour assessment techniques for monitoring individual facilities and areas with multiple facilities. She has also developed two recognized methodologies for odour emissions from fugitive and area sources which are now widely used.

Throughout her years, she developed and modified the AW&MA EE-6 Guideline for odour sampling and measurement by dynamic dilution olfactometry. Part of her work includes reviewing papers and presentations submitted for various international odour conferences.

Ms. Bokowa was the Chair of the A&WMA EE-6 Odour Committee in the United States for standardization of odour measurements and analysis (2009-2013).
She is also a member and chair of various international conferences and organizations such as:

  • Air and Waste Management Association

  • EE-6 Odor Committee (Chair 2009-2013)

  • Water Environment Federation

  • International Water Association

  • American Society for Testing and Materials

In the year 2014 – 2015 she developed two documents for the Province of Alberta, Canada:

  • Inventory of Existing Odour Assessment – Tools and Practices

  • Development of an Odour Management Strategy / Framework in Relation to Oil Sands Development.

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